Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Old Holborn: Big Issue, Sir?

This post made me laugh, laugh and laugh again. Worth it for thast, without the point it  neatly makes. Link at the bottom. 

It costs us £1M to produce this, thanks to Socialists
Revolutionary. The founder of the Big Issue, John Bird has demanded that the Govt slash benefits. His logic is absolutely flawless.
80% of people selling the Big Issue were raised in social care programmes costing over £2000 a week. If they've been in care for ten years, that's cost you and I £1M for each and every one of them. In comparison, sending them to Eton for ten years would have cost just a quarter of that.
Just think of the misery spared, the opportunities and avenues opened up by a first class education, the payback in productive and responsible citizens. Cracking idea. Now, let's see private schools applying to councils to take their vulnerable children in care away from a life of crime, drugs and alcohol and into a life of education, responsibility and personal wealth.
Will it happen? Will it fuck. The state has built an enormous and expensive apparatus for churning out "victims" who will need to be fed, housed and clothed exclusively by the State. No way are half a million social workers, "outreach" workers and diversity coordinators going to hand over their budgets and jobs to people who actually get the job done at a quarter of the cost.

"Please stay poor. My job and pension depend on it"
John goes further. By slashing benefits, the drugs trade will collapse, along with fast food outlets and betting shops. All happily sponsored using OUR money to keep people in poverty and misery
If you were applying for a job in a private company, no one would expect the same generous pension as were on offer 20 years ago. The same should apply to the benefits system
Do it. Cut hard and cut now. No one wants to be revisiting this in five years time. Free the poor from the clutches of the State. At last.

Link: Old Holborn: Big Issue, Sir?

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