Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Phariseeism or Anglo-Saxon Identity?

In Romans 9:6, 7, the Apostle Paul states:". . . For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel; neither, because they are of Abraham are they all children: BUT (because of this) IN ISAAC SHALL THY SEED BE CALLED." (Emphasis added.)

There is only one race of people in the world today, who are named after Isaac. They were once called "Sacae," then "Sacs Sons," then "Isaac's Sons," and are now known as "Saxons," or "Anglo-Saxons."

Yet, without exception, when a statement such as this is made, in such an unequivocal manner, many brainwashed Christians will cry "prejudice," or "unChristian pride." Isn't it strange, how these same people are willing to allow their worst enemies to steal their "birthright" and assume the name of God's Chosen People, which rightly belongs to them?

Whenever the term Anglo-Israel is used, many churchmen, especially those in the fundamental field, will immediately undertake to refute Scriptural proofs which prove that the white, Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic and related peoples, are the true Israel of God and instead will vehemently assign this role to those who hate Him most.

While Israel was lost in Biblical history and was not mentioned as a people after their deportation to Assyria about 726 B.C., they can still be traced through secular history and by some obscure references in the New Testament.

Phariseeism or Anglo-Saxon Identity?
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