Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Rape of Europa


The decadence on display in Europe reveals not only its multiple symptoms, but an array of tools used to enslave a people. All of this is overwhelming to behold at first: the mediocre farce of the democratic polity, the pervasive doctrines of multiculturalism, the fantasy of total autonomy coupled with welfare-state socialism, and everywhere transgression in the sacred name of desire. The tribes of Europa are told to forget their past, reject their faith and ethnic identity, and their very place in the Cosmos.

The Rape of Europa

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Listen to me Sweary Mary, I get to decide what passes for good taste, what counts as poor taste, and what is just a Load of Bollocks. I'm not interested in multicultral clap-trap, liberal pleading for felons, or the status of Islam really being the "Religion of Peace(TM)".

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