Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wealthy banker and wife want no rules on adoption. Yes, let's just flood the UK with thousands more immigrants, shall we?

I detest white, self hating, liberal, wealthy people. As individuals they mean well, but really, if they want to help the third world, why not just cash in the house, investments etc and go to the third world and give them their money, and then live in the same grinding poverty as the Mexican peons and the poor of the Barrios of Brazil? Why do they have to drag the rest of us into the mire of sanctimonious do-gooding?

This story is just one tiny facet of the stupidity, self centered and self congratulating liberalism that is wrecking the Western nations. Crap like this - green issues, gender politics, race awareness, equality campaigns - rolls on, and on, and on, and on, and on.....

There are tens of thousands of WHITE CHILDREN rotting in  the rape and murder centres that pass for local authority care in the UK. Why not adopt one of them, eh? A white child, with loving white adoptive parents - what a beautiful scene.

The council in question is right. Black children belong to the black community, and should be raised by their own people in their own ways. They should be encouraged to adopt black children more frequently. 

Too white to adopt: Politically-correct town hall officials tell banker and his wife they can't give a home to a black or Asian child

Cradling her daughter on her knee, Francesca Polini is every inch the loving, caring mother.

She and her banker husband have good incomes, a spacious home and a close network of family and friends. But their hopes of parenthood were ini­tially dashed when town hall bureaucrats said they were ‘too white’ to adopt a child.

Their rejection meant a child in care was denied the chance of a happy, com­fortable home and a stable future. And it casts a spotlight on a politically correct adoption system which routinely blocks white couples from giving a home to a child in need.

Mrs Polini, 40, and her husband Rick offered to adopt a black or Asian child, who wait longer for adoption because of a national shortage of ethnic minority couples looking to adopt.

But the couple claim officials in Ealing, West London, told them there was a cap on white parents adopting black or Asian children.

Officially, the council denies such a cap exists, but the case echoes those of other white, middle-class couples who have been barred from adopting for the same reason. Mrs Polini said: ‘The woman didn’t even meet us, she just told us on the phone, “I’m afraid you are too white for us to permit you to adopt one of our children”.

‘There was no assessment, it was based purely on our skin colour, and that shouldn’t be what quali­fies you to adopt. None of this is about the child’s best interests and frankly it’s immoral.’

Faced with their local authori­ty’s refusal to consider them as adoptive parents, the couple had to search abroad for a child to adopt.

Ironically, the same council which had refused their applica­tion to adopt a British child was happy to charge more than £4,000 to vet them for interna­tional adoption.

After overcoming a series of bureaucratic hurdles, they eventu­ally won permission to adopt a girl in Mexico. Gaia, now two, was granted British citizenship last year, and her parents hope to adopt a second child from Mexico.

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Oh good. A second alien child into the UK. Just what we need. 

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