Thursday, September 23, 2010

2012. What a complete load of pagan bollocks.

The whole "2012" theorisation than there will be some great change to the planet for good or bad, on the 21st december 2012,  is  absolute bullshit. It is a rehash of the Y2K fear based crap, mainly to make MONEY.

There are also all kinds and types of pagans, New Agers, ecofascists and others who want to use this non-event to change your behaviour, to fitin with the many and varied future plans of the Powers That Be. . 

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Listen to me Sweary Mary, I get to decide what passes for good taste, what counts as poor taste, and what is just a Load of Bollocks. I'm not interested in multicultral clap-trap, liberal pleading for felons, or the status of Islam really being the "Religion of Peace(TM)".

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