Friday, October 15, 2010

Denis McShane, MP and cheerleader for Europe, Israel and Blair, investgated by the Police.

I hate and despise Denis McShane MP, for no better reason than he represents in political terms everything socially, morally, philosophically rotten about Britain.  Not for his political affiliation - they're all operating for the same global Boss, but because, in libe with every other piece of trash that infects the House of Commons, who have spent their time in political activity selling us to whatever gang of political psychopaths they deem suitable to their taste.

Who he, you ask?
Denis MacShane (born 21 May 1948) is a British Labour politician, who has been the Member of Parliament for Rotherham since the 1994 by-election, and served as the Minister of State for Europe from 2002 until 2005, as well as being a current Policy Council member for Labour Friends of Israel.

In 2005 he became a signatory of the Henry Jackson Society principles, advocating a proactive approach to the spread of liberal democracy across the world, including by military intervention. The society also supports "European military modernisation and integration under British leadership". In 2003 he criticised the Muslim community, saying they did not do enough to condemn acts of Islamic terrorism. He was a supporter of the 2003 invasion of Iraq and has strongly supported Tony Blair's foreign policy in relation to the Middle East, and elsewhere.
Repusive little reptile.

BNP Complaint Leads to Denis McShane’s Suspension

A complaint submitted by British National Party activist Michael Barnbrook to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards has resulted in yet another Labour Party MP, Denis McShane, being placed under police investigation and suspended from his party.

Mr Barnbook, a former Metropolitan Police inspector, lodged his complaint with Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards John Lyon in June 2009, citing a number of examples of where Mr McShane had “breached the rules of the House” with regard to expenses.

In his letter, Mr Barnbrook pointed out that Mr Macshane used his office expenses to claim more than £5,900 for 8 machines between March, 2005 and January 2008.

“The computers, which cost between £498 and £1276 each, are in addition to technical equipment provided to MPs by Parliamentary authorities,” Mr Barnbrook continued.

Furthermore, Mr Barnbrook pointed out, the public records showed duplicate claims “in successive months for a computer of the same value, £498” and “more than £8,000 for translation services.”

Mr McShane also submitted more than a dozen invoices to the Commons fees office bearing the heading of the European Policy Institute. Each bill was justified by one line - ‘research and translation’ - followed by a demand for fees ranging between £550 and £950.

The European Policy Institute is controlled by Mr Macshane’s brother, Edmund Matyj Aszek.

“Finally, Mr Macshane has claimed expenses of nearly £20,000 a year for seven years in order to run his official constituency office from a shabby looking garage at his home address,” Mr Barnbrook added.

Mr Lyon then replied, asking for further details of the claims. Mr Barnbrook duly provided chapter and verse of the claims which he found logged on the ‘allowances by Members’ part of the Parliament website.

On 15 July last year, Mr Lyon wrote back to Mr Barnbrook and informed him that he was going to proceed with the investigation over the expenses claims, but not over the use of the “shabby garage” as a constituency office.

Mr McShane’s suspension will remain in place "until the question of possible criminal proceedings has been resolved,” said an official statement by Mr Lyon’s office.

Scotland Yard confirmed it is considering the complaint along with "a small number" of other outstanding expenses-related allegations.

McShane is unhappy that the tap of expenses has been shut off. 

He has previously strongly denied any wrongdoing. He has been one of the most high-profile critics of the new expenses system. 

Telegraph 14th October 2010




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