Thursday, December 16, 2010


In former recessions/slumps/depressions, one of two things have happened: either the government has made cuts to BOTH taxation and services (1929 -31, Ramsay McDonald, Britain)  or have taxed and borrowed and spent like drunken sailors (1933-41, Roosevelt, USA).

However this time, they're taxing, cutting and the money is being funneled out and away from the UK, into the pockets of the unseen bankers. This is true across Europe (except in the Fourth Reich, where they are safe - relatively - from the Rothschilds within their fortress of BMW, VW and BASF).

This is endgame:  the great Synagogue of Satan, whose Chairman and CEO is Rothschild, has decided to completely gut what they can from the peoples and nations of Europe and go, most likely to China or Dubai. 

Investors told forget savings accounts, think of shares
14th December 2010 
Britain's 38 million savers have been urged to invest their money in the stock market after being warned that for many of them it is now a "waste of time" putting their cash into a savings account.

There is truth in the above, of course: there are very few savings accounts which pay anything even close to the true rate of inflation (which appears, with RPI, to be around 4.5 - 5%).

Most people are too ignorant to play the stock market, where we know much of the action and money happens on a predetermined and organized pattern of nudges, winks and handshakes. .This is nothing more than the final large financial rape, to squeeze out the last few drops of blood from the few with any savings left who haven't cleared their debts with them. 

There is now no real economy, merely tin boxes stuffed with Chinese manufacturers, Taiwanese toys, and German & French cars.  We manufacture nothing of note. Millions spend their day behind a till, waiting for a decreasing number of spening customers. What is left is now being assisted away from Britain by the EU, to raise employment levels in Europe's third world periphery of eastern Europe and the Balkans. 

Our economy and political system is in the hands of Mack the Knife.

There is an interesting feeling in the air. The English Defence League is being positioned for the role of new Brownshirts, both by the "LEFT" and "RIGHT" in the official press and blogosphere. The B.N.P. is to defend British Troopers from Islamopsychotics, yyoung ignorant "youth"  are being lead by the Jew boy Commies of the Trotskyist cliques and cells to probable mayhem, maiming and death (for some), the Anarchists are handing the State the opportunity to bring out the Defence of the Realm Act.

And at the same time, the financial rape is continuing, probably close to fruition, as much as Europe is on the revolutionary edge of torches and pitchforks:

Greece, so angry, so violent. As we will undoubtedly become in the near future, once the full extent of the great asset strip becomes clear to the masses.

I've bought two machetes, we're buying petrol and soap flakes, saving beer bottles, and have started storing away canned and dried foods.Oh yes, and Gold 'n' Silver of course. We are, whether we like it or not, facing the purposeful destruction of our nation at the hands of the Rothschilds and their clan, and I await the same hyperinflation that destroyed other economies whenever the usurers have been allowed to substitute paper for gold.

Here's an interesting book:

Well worth the money to see a possible - very possible - future.....

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