Sunday, June 13, 2010

I haven't found a conspiracy theory I didn't think about.

There are conspiracies everywhere.

Some are ludicrous:
  • Hitler was removed from the bunker in Berlin in a Yellow Submarine by, amongst others, Ian Fleming. 
  • 99.9% of UFO stories
  • Immigration is good for Britain
  • The Queen is a literal reptillian creature

Real ones include:
  • Vaccines are really not very good for you.
  • David Icke speaks SOME truth but for financial reasons dresses much of it New Age mumbo jumbo like "Reptilian Creatures" because he is frightened identify those who are really at the core of the conspiracies, and because Yanks loved the 2012 end of the world trash
  • There is a group called Common Purpose, who are busily infiltrating the British government right at this movement. 
  • Many powerful positions, held both in government, media and the economy of Great Britain, the US, Australia, NZ and Canada, are held by Jews, out of proportion by their numbers within the population, who control the City of London.
  •  Fluoride in Toothpaste is highly poisinous, a by-product of the aluminium industry, and was used by both Hitler (Concentration Camps) and Stalin (Gulags), and does nothing to halt tooth decay.
  • George Bernard Shaw, H G Wells, Annie Besant, Eleanor Marx, and others created the Fabian Society, a revolutionary group, whose purpose is to carry out a scientific revolution, described in the novel, and film, "Things to Come" (written by HG Wells), part of which is an enormous Eugenics campaign, of us common folk here in Britain.
  • We have been financially raped over the past sixty years under the guise of modernism and socialism. 
  • There are many, many Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Opus Dei and other Roman Catholic fraternity members deeply embedded in the British parliament, whose purpose is to return Britain to the control of the Vatican. 

Most of us have been duped. The vast majority of Roman Catholics and Jews are as dumb a group of sheep as 99.9% of Freemasons, Pagans/Wiccans, Socialists, Libertarians. Reading The Guardian is a good indicator of stupidity, but not foolproof. The Jesuits, Zionists are really wolves in sheep's clothing, just as the chap in the first video above says. There is no "one group" who is to "blame" , they are merely exoteric facets of the esoteric - unseen - invisible hand controlling events.

To reiterate:

The reality is that Jesuits, and Zionists, Freemasons, all believe in the same thing: they are Luciferians : they are Humanists. They gained control of Europe in the Enlightenment, and it is why we are where we are today. They are not Jews, Or Roman Catholics, or Protestants, even if the claim to be so: those ideologies are in their eyes, for the profane, the temporal, the stupid sheep (they are not interested as to whether there is any truth in them either, they have their own truths). 

Now, we know that all of the major political parties, plus the Green Party, are all the same, just dressed differently, like shop dummies in the department store window.
We know that the system is rigged to keep the scum who sell their soul for thirty pieces of silver - professional "Politicians" are worthless. They are puppets.

Democracy in the modern, bourgeois sense, is worthless. The moment those from outside the political grid come close to power, the mechanisms they planned to use, once in their elected places, are destroyed and new ones substituted.
The most that we can hope to achieve from the electoral system is to awaken people, to recruit people into some form of alternative structure, eventually bypassing Parliament, and allowing it to decay.
Successful revolutions require less than 15% of the people to take a stand. It's deciding what that stand is, that's the problem.

Time to make a start.

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