Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Immigration is wanted by who, and for why, exactly?

Key Facts

Net immigration quadrupled to 237,000 a year between 1997 and 2007. 

In 2008 it was 163,000. 

3 million immigrants have arrived since 1997.

A migrant still arrives every minute.

We must build a new home every six minutes for new migrants.

England is already, with Holland, the most crowded country in Europe
(except Malta)

Immigration will add 7 million to the population of England in the next 24 years - that is 7 times the population  of Birmingham.

To keep the population of the UK below 70 million, immigration must be reduced by 70%. Government measures so far may reduce it by 12%.

Adapted from Migration Watch UK.
So immigration is really NOT in the interests of the average British white man or woman then, and never has been, it has only ever been a COST, in one way or another.

A further complication is the requirement that an application to join the GP’s list can only be refused if there are reasonable grounds for doing so which “do not relate to the applicant’s race, gender, social class, age, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, disability or medical condition”. The paper continues “As the regulations stand this means that a practice has the discretion to offer NHS treatment to all people – UK residents and overseas visitors from any country.
The only way a GP could determine whether a non-eligible patient had a routine or minor condition that did not require immediately necessary treatment would be by seeing and examining him. By this stage the work would have been done.
Migration Watch here.
In the interests of the people?

4. The ODPM statistical release attributes 123,000 of the additional households per year to adult population growth, 43,000 to more single households and 39,000 to more pensioners.
5. The projections of adult population include the effect of immigration. They assumed a net inflow of 130,000 people per year (to the UK as a whole). They also calculated the housing need on an assumption of zero net migration (i.e. immigration and emigration in balance). Under this scenario the average annual increase in the number of households would be 144,000 instead of the primary projection of 209,000 a year. The difference is the effect of immigration - 65,000 additional households each year. That amounts to 1.5 million over the period 2003 - 2026, or nearly a third of the total new households
Migration Watch here

Your son or daughter finding it hard to obtain accommodation? You watching your rent rise?Being taxed more to pay the Housing costs through Housing benefits?

6. Of the 115,000 births to foreign-born mothers, the origins of the mother were as follows:

7. Of the births to mothers from the New Commonwealth, the countries/regions of the mothers' origins were as shown below: 
8. In parts of the United Kingdom births to foreign-born mothers now represent more than 50% of all live births. In Inner London as a whole the figure is 55% with Tower Hamlets, Newham and Westminster having the highest percentages at 68%.

9. Outer London also has a high percentage of births to foreign-born mothers at 41% with the highest figure being recorded in Brent at 65%.

10. The percentage for Greater London as a whole is 47%, i.e. nearly one birth in every two in the capital is to a foreign-born mother.

11. Outside London, Manchester, Bradford, Leicester, Birmingham, Cambridge, Forest Heath (Suffolk), Slough and Oxford recorded more than 30% of births to foreign-born mothers.
Migration Watch here.
So, why is the migration wanted? Who wants it? Why would it be in any British interest to flood the United Kingdom with millions of immigrants?

The International, Global Elite. They appear to be like you, they talk warmly of Britain. They don't give a tinkers cuss for you, your children or future. Their entire purpose is a passive, retarded and stupefied population who will do as they're told.

They have brought wave after wave of immigrant, irrespective of their value, worth or even civilised attitudes, to make money.

They have been brought to replace the indigenous people. They are the weapon of ETHNOCIDE, to remove the British from the future, and replace us with - who?

The key finding: there are fewer British-born workers in the first quarter of 2009 than Q1 of 1997. The trend of employers preferring immigrants, which we saw during the boom, has become more marked still during the bust.

I count myself as a supporter of immigration. But there is no doubt that mass immigration has given ministers the option of ignoring our own unemployed. If we didn’t have this unending tap of motivated workers then Britain would be forced to confront the fact that so many of its workers are being incentivised to do nothing by the welfare state. Here’s what the benefit tally, including ‘hidden unemployment’, has looked like in the last decade – using the DWP’s definition of out-of-work benefits. 

At no point in the boom did the number on out-of-work benefits fall  below five million souls. Almost half have been on welfare for five years or more – and are, therefore, statistically more likely to die than to work again. As I say, were it not for immigration, we’d be forced to confront this problem or our economy would not grow. When I was a business journalist in the late 1990s, I remember writing stories about how bus companies were recruiting in homeless shelters because they couldn’t find the staff. The people in those shelters were being offered structure to their lives, from an employer forced by economic conditions to deal with the greater risk they pose. It was a sign of economic growth addressing social problems – as it should be.

Spectator (UK) here.

Unless WE do something about it, WE are simply going to disappear.

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