Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Taxes rise today. A cut in International Aid? Not likely...

The UK International Aid and Development Department, trading under the QUANGO like name of UKAID, has wasted away an average of £6,500,000,000 each year for the last five years. That's approximately £32,500,000,000.

Some of it is even went to China and Russia in the past few weeks.

This year the budget is to be "ring fenced" i.e. whilst YOU watch taxes rise on the things YOU want, the UKAID budget has spiraled to £10,000,000,000. And it will keep growing: 

It is believed that Paris-based Unesco and the Food and Agriculture Organisation, based in Rome, are two organisations that will be closely scrutinised. 
Guardian,  9th June 2010

The coalition government has pledged to increase spending on aid in order to meet the United Nations target of 0.7% of national output by 2013.
Guardian, 9th June 2010

This of course  is only a small part of the torrent of British money thrown into the vast black hole that the African continent is. Trillions of pounds have been alloted since 1945, and  what is  Africa like today?

Large swathes of Africa are in a semi-permanent tribal war. The vast majority of Africa is operated and owned by the most brutal and evil dictators, who make Stalin, Mao and Hitler look like Sunday School teachers.

Crime runs rampant and uncontrolled.

Police corruption is endemic.

Child Rape operates uncontrolled, and is widely accepted: here, and here and here.

So, remember, when you're being BLED DRY for taxes to BAIL OUT the CITY OF LONDON you can be assured this paragon of virtue and here and here. will be kept in the style to which YOU have made and encouraged him accustomed to:

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