Monday, June 28, 2010

Islam needs to feel the force of it's own ideology.

The Tories have decided to "cap" immigration. Big deal. Moslems are rioting on the on the streets of our major cities, often whipped up by communists and fellow travellers. 

It is time for some real equality, some real justice. Islamic countries have their way, Britain should too. 

I have decided that if something is good enough for the Moslem, in the Islamic world, it should be good enough for us here in Britain.

They say Sharia Law is good for everyone, even though it is a vicious, medieval wicked and barbaric series of disjointed ramblings from an old man , cobbled together from the Jewish Law, New Testament, and an quick ignorant skim read of Greek philosophy: let them feel the taste of an alien, imposed law for themselves.

The following and propagating of Islam should receive the same treatment as does Christianity in the Ummah, it should be taxed, and persecuted, and crippled with legal restraints. I suggest one troy ounce of gold per Moslem per week, Mosques closed on Friday and Saturday, and the ending of Halal food supplies, because these things are unBritish.

Further: it should be legal for any British man or woman to murder any follower of Islam in public, for the slightest percieved insult, like not getting up when sitting on a bench, or walking in the road when a Brit needs the space on the pavement, or looking at people "the wrong way".

As one of the biggest sellers in Islamic book buying circles is Mein Kampf, perhaps a standard mode of dress of our choosing (not "Islamic") and the mandatory wearing of a crescent moon on all clothes, perhaps a ra-ra skirt and belly top for the women, shorts and Hawaiian shirt for the men. No beards, and the women to have short hair.

The word of any British woman is to carry as much weight as that of four Moslem men in a legal case. Moslems are to bear the financial cost of all legal cases, and are to open to torture and brutalising, in a way no British citizen would be, because they are Moslems.

The death penalty to be an option for all Moslems for whatever crime the court decides. It is to compulsory that Moslems are to be tried in Latin or Greek, using Medieval jurisprudence, and will only be allowed to speak or plead with permission, and through a selected and specially trained British citizen.

No British citizen is to be under the management of a Moslem, either at work, or in society. There will be a special Religious police to deal with Moslems.

Moslems are not to recieve any taxpaters funding to study their religion, or for welfare purposes.

Finally, the enslavement of any Moslem, or the rape of any Moslem woman should be not only legal but actively encouraged by the government, and taught to be the right of any British citizen. Because Moslems by the very nature of their "religion" reject British law, they cannot expect it's protections. The police should be under no obligation to make any inquiries, unless they are at a loose end, and then only until other more important work comes in.

Fairs fair, after all. Sharia Law in Moslem Land, British Law in Britain.

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