Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The UK Trade Unions are about to shoot themselves in the foot.

The TUC has woken up, with all the noise of the present dire economic straits of it's Public Sector working membership. 

At some point in the next year or two, sooner rather than later, there are going to have to be severe and deep cuts to public spending, and as salaries are the major part of the budget to be cut. 

I can assure you that the international bankers are of far more importance to the Westminster parliament than the public services. 

Further: the Vatican controlled, and Jesuit trained EU leadership wants Britain brought to ruin to suck out nation fully and completely into their Beast government. 

So the cuts are going to come, no matter how many toy-town Trotskyists lead the charge against them Both The Morning Star (Communist) and Socialist Worker (Trotskyist) are foaming at the mouth to get at the Tories, like the Tories matter in the great game. And after all, Russia, China and Cuba are all such shining beacons for the international proletariat, aren't they?

Public Sector workers are some of the best paid people in Britain - their feather bedded lifestyle, their gold plated pensions - and are likely to gain much sympathy from the millions working part time/temp/casual for the minimum wage. The Sun will have a field day. 

All that will happen in the economy is the worth of Gilts (government bonds) will fall and become harder to sell, forcing the rate nof return - the percentage return on the investment - to rise, meaning more public service cuts to pay the interest. It will cost the government more to borrow money, all that's keeping Britain afloat at the moment. 

The cuts will happen. The Rothschilds and their acolytes will get their gold. 

The Guardian 14th September 2010
This is trade unionism's moment. Voters are increasingly worried about the cuts, and are ready to hear an alternative to the eye-watering spending decisions expected in next month's comprehensive spending review.

Our challenge is to turn this into a great campaign, uniting a coalition of communities, service users and political and campaign groups to stop the most savage cuts in our welfare and social infrastructure for generations.
Unions will have to reach well beyond our membership – which, at more than 6 million, makes us still the country's biggest voluntary organisation by far – to secure a mass impact. But no one else can play this central role, extending beyond party politics and sectional interests to speak up for beleaguered Britain as a whole.

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