Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Top Cop warns of riots in Britain as the economy goes down the drain.

The political system is operated as a false paradigm: the three major parties are merely facets of the global Elite. Communism, Fascism, Libertarianism, Socialism, all the same, all deadly. They exist to rule us at the diktat of the world of the International Finance power-brokers. 

Daily Mail, 14th September 2010

Public sector cutbacks could lead to riots, one of the country's top police officers will warn this week.
Derek Barnett, president of the Police Superintendents Association, believes the country is facing a 'period where disaffection, social and industrial tensions will rise'.
His gloomy views are outlined in a draft copy of a speech he will give to his organisation's annual conference in Chester tomorrow.

His comments come just days after the Police Federation claimed the loss of up to 40,000 frontline police jobs because of Government cuts would be 'Christmas for criminals'.
Today, former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy became the first high profile Government backbencher to attack the cuts. Mr Kennedy said it was important not to 'throw the baby out with the bath water' when deciding where and how deep to wield the axe.haqvehaqve
Mr Barnett, in his first major address since taking over as head of the Police Superintendents Association earlier this year, will say tomorrow: 'We know that funding will be reduced, but the Government has to recognise that no matter how important dealing with the current financial problems may be, there will be an inevitable dilution of front line services if police budgets are cut too severely.

But here's the really interesting bit from the story:

'As we jail fewer criminals, there will be more criminals at large.
'As police funding is reduced there will simply be fewer police officers on the streets. Many forces are not recruiting, indicative of the financial climate which now prevails.
In his speech, due to be delivered in front of the Home Secretary Theresa May, he adds that the public have 'a right to know' the extent of the likely cuts in policing.
 Really? Might have been nice if this had been taken into consideration by the government BEFORE they released THOUSANDS of criminals under "Early Release" schemes. Thousands of rapists, murderers, and generally vicious thugs are wandering the streets, who are going to lose their welfare payments in the near future....

This is EXACTLY WHAT THE COMMUNISTS IN PARLIAMENT AND OUTSIDE OF IT WANT - Britain to become so disrupted they can slip into an open dictatorship. 

This is why the Euro Police have been set up, and why European soldiers are allowed to serve in Britain in a "security role". They have known this is coming for many years, just not when, because all communistic societies fall to bits under the weight of their own contradictions. 

And now, the Prison Officers are threatening strikes: 

Daily Telegraph 14th Sept 2010

Steve Gillan, leader of the Prison Officers’ Association, said his members were prepared to strike – even though they are not allowed to by law.
He told a fringe meeting at the Trades Union Congress: “If they are going to kick us to death we will take action irrespective of the legislation.

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