Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hyperinflation, or economic collapse in the U.S. will crush Britain too.

The US and Britain were the great testing grounds for globalization in the nineteen seventies to the present. If we were in a petri dish, they would scrape it clean, sterilize it and start again. Both the US and UK are screwed and the Powers That Be know it: we're being raped and robbed right now, and those doing it are turning the money they extort is being turned into real assets (land, property, precious metals, commodities, former public assets).

They know sooner or later the economy will fall through the seat of it's trousers. That means either defaulting on the public debt, or hyperinflation.

Watch this fine video, and see how many similarities you can see between Britain and the US.

Thousands of regulations whose breaking leads to fines, , semi permanent unemployment/ social security, repossessions.......

Meanwhile in the real world, not owned by Rupert Murdoch and his global, corporate media pals:

July 29th 2010:

October 12th 2010:

October 22nd 2010:

They could be talking about Britain.

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