Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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Vaccines Are Dangerous

Vaccines are dangerous. Vaccines are more than dangerous, they are deadly. Today, vaccines cause far more disease and death than the diseases they supposedly control.

At odds are two different models of how best to prevent disease. These two models can be labeled as the medical intervention theory and the natural immunity theory. The medical intervention theory (MIT, for short) is promoted by the Medical Establishment, which, of course, includes the pharmaceutical industry. Ever since the American Medical Association was taken over by the Rockefellers, health care in America has advanced steadily towards monopoly. As Eustace Mullins puts it:

In 1900, there was only one doctor for every 750 Americans. They had usually served a two year apprenticeship, after which they could look forward to earning about the same salary as a good mechanic. In 1900, the AMA Journal, which was already under the editorship of Dr. George H. Simmons, sounded the call to arms. "The growth of the profession must be stemmed if individual members are to find the practice of medicine a lucrative profession." One would find difficulty in reading in the literature of any profession a more determined demand for monopoly. But how was this goal to be achieved? The Merlin who was to wave his magic wand and bring about this dramatic development in the medical profession turned out to be none other than the richest man in the world, the insatiable monopolist, John D. Rockefeller. Fresh from his triumph of organizing his gigantic oil monopoly, a victory as well-blooded as any ancient Roman triumph, Rockefeller, the creature of the House of Rothschild and its Wall Street emissary, Jacob Schiff, realized that a medical monopoly might bring him even greater profits than his oil trust. In 1892, Rockefeller appointed Frederick T. Gates as his agent, conferring upon him the title of "head of all his philanthropic endeavors." As it turned out, each of Rockefeller's well-publicized "philanthropies" was specifically designed to increase not only his wealth and power, but also the wealth and power of the hidden figures whom he so ably represented.

- Eustace Mullins, Murder by Injection.

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Thdere is a soft kill, eugenics plan to reduce the population of  world. Many modern vaccines are part of it, as are chemical ridden processed food, aspartame in replacement of sugar, floruide in water & toothpaste. These things are poison.

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