Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wake up time. Repatriation now.

Awwwww ......

Record 1m pupils speak English as a second language

Almost one million schoolchildren speak English as a second language, official figures show, sparking claims that mass immigration is placing a “huge strain” on the education system. 

22nd June 2011

Daily Telegraph 

Immigrants are flooding int5o every corner of the United Kingdom. It is no longer the case that it's only London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bradford.

They are fighting a war with the womb. They are outbreeding the indigenous WHITE population by 2 to 1.

Immigrant children grow - with State aid - into Islamic adults.

Nothing by accident, all done deliberately by a small, committed group of psychopaths. This lunatic lives in Sweden. They are all across Europe, all serving the Synagogue of Satan, including Britain.

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