Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Work or Die - official! Enough is enough.

Money is their god. 

Pensions- Age gap widens for retirement savings : BBC 7th June 2011
House prices wilted: BBC 7th June 2011
Social tenants face under-occupancy penalty : homemove.co.uk 7th June 2011

Here comes the founding of the new UK economy. The Tories are actively involved in setting it in train, and the Labour Party would have done so with equal ferocity.

And they understand what the reaction is going to be:

The Business Secretary will today say there is not yet a compelling argument for toughening the current rules, which allow militant unions to call strikes even if fewer than half their members vote in favour.But, in a speech to one of the largest trade unions, he will say he will act if they provoke a 'summer of discontent' with irresponsible strikes.The comments are the first time a Cabinet minister has specifically threatened new laws to curb union power and mark a significant shot across their bows.And they indicate that the prominent Lib Dem minister - often a thorn in the side of the Coalition - is coming round to Conservative way of thinking on industrial action.London Mayor Boris Johnson and a string of Tory backbenchers have expressed mounting anger at Left-wing unions, such as the RMT, who have been free to cause widespread disruption even though only a minority of members cast a vote for industrial action.The PCS union, which represents civil servants, is planning a co-ordinated series of strikes later this month.


And the Welfare system - for what it's worth to the mass of the population of the UK - White folk - is to be slashed back. Rest assured that all the needs of the Islamic, Homosexual, Hindu, AIDS riddled Negro, Sikh, Afghani Transsexuals, Buddhist, TB carrying SE Asian and other global social detritus will be safeguarded fully under the Oooman Rytes Act.

So we are to face a future based upon the economic conditions of the past : the mass of people in low paid work, with little welfare provision, but, unlike the past,  at the same time crushing social legislation (paternal "maternity" leave for example)  from the EU and the burden of environmental legislation that will make opening and sustaining job providing manufacture and transport.

The economy will continue to dwindle, stagnating as less real work is done, thus real taxes paid, more is paid to the Rothschild clan in the City of London to cover the ludicrous debt mountain we have amassed since World War 1, and less is spent on the public sector (the only real area of growth in employment for the past thirty years).

The only "real" economy left - retail and consumer - cannot, and never could, sustain the people of our islands. This was just a Tory lie, fed to them by their masters in the Square Mile to shade and cover the gang rape of the economic base of Britannia.

We must extricate ourselves from the City of London economic model : the "Synagogue of Satan" which is controlled by the Illuminated ones of the New World Order. These spawn of Lucifer are intent on destroying the very fabric of our nation, of extracting the last drops of blood we have in our veins.

Without the import of raw materials and their conversion into goods that people want to buy both at home and abroad, tallied together with a strong home agricultural sector providing the maximum food production, we are well and truly fucked.

The UK imports 50% of our foods. Some is unavoidable, such as bananas and oranges, which cannot be grown in our climate. Therefore we must leave the EU, whose purpose is to destroy our nation, through regulation made in a foreign state.

The farmer controlled and destroyed by the Moneylender.

We should be strengthening our ties firstly with Scotland, Ireland and Wales, we English. These countries should be at the very hub of agricultural production for home consumption- both foods and raw materials. Irish flax and butter, Scottish timber and oats, Welsh Mutton and Lamb. The production of wholesome, ORGANIC foods is vital to a strong people and strong nation.

All land suitable for agricultural purposes must be released from ownership if the owners are unwilling to co-operate - such as pseudo charities as the National Trust, local "Trusts" for nature Conservancy  - in the interest of the  people.

Agriculture must be supported by WORK, PRODUCTION and DEMAND. He must produce what is NEEDED, not what carries the highest subsidy. Production of butter, cheese, mutton, root vegetables should take priority. The Agricultural sector will be supported by the scientific community breeding better strains of vegetable and animal  - NATURALLY - best suited to the climate and soil of the nations. Small scale, backyard production of foods should be actively encouraged through the increase of allotment/community gardening.

The 200 mile territorial waters of the United Kingdom should be re-established, and excluding Ireland (who we must include in our plan), we must use the Royal Navy to defend them with all force necessary from non native fishing fleets, such as Spain, Portugal and France.

We must re-establish home manufacture of goods for supply to the British and Irish people. A priority should be clothing, footwear, chemicals and oil refining. The extraction and production  of raw materials such as coal and timber, and their direction toward manufacture should be recommenced immediately. 

The stranglehold of the oil industry upon the UK and Ireland must be terminated. A rail and canal building campaign, alongside the re-establishment of coastal shipping trade as a priority, must be re--established. To enable this, the major utilities - Water, Gas, Electricity, Telecoms - to be returned without recompense - to the control of the people through their devolution to local councils. The sale of national assets to alien nations was an act of gross treason, the companies obtained by theft, so their return is only just.

And we need to rid ourselves of the millstone of immigration and immigrants, with a removal of "citizenship" from all of those outside of the Dominions - Australia, New Zealand, Canada, SA - the USA, and Europe doled out since 1945, and their removal. These folk hate and despise us, bleed us dry, they serve no purpose here and should be made to go HOME.

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